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the cellar

The cellar - a shift in its wine production strategy

The Garriguella Cooperative encompasses 3 well-differentiated but complementary eocnomic activities: the winemaking cellar sector, where we produce dry table wines, dessert wines and aged wines for their sale either as bulk wine or as bottled wine; the agroboutique, where we sell km 0 agricultural and handcrafted products as well as our own wines; and the tasting sector/area where people can sample the different wines made by the cellar as well as the wide range of products offered in our agroboutique. But the cellar is our hub, and therefore deserves special attention.

Our agricultural cooperative initiates the third millennium with an essential change in mind regarding its wine production strategy. This means that our goal is to introduce our wines into the best markets worlwide in the most competitive manner possible while continuing to uphold our most fundamental principle, which is the production of high quality grapes.

To achieve this aim we rely on favourable comparative data, such as the extension of our vineyards, the largest in Alt Empordà, with 70% of these vines being over 50 years old and producing an average amount of 2.5 kg of grapes per vine. Equally important is that the grape selection begins at the hands of our employees before the harvested fruit reaches our grape hoppers, and continues in our cellar where we apply the latest techniques in the making of our wines.

Our hope is for people to share our philosophy with us through our wine.


 2014-2015 VINTAGE DATA

  • kg grapes harvested
Macabeu 261.778 kg
White Grenache
  50.260 kg
Muscat   26.160 kg
Grenache Noir
293.854 kg
Grenache Gris ('Roja')
  29.980 kg
Tempranillo   12.180 kg
Syrah   10.420 kg
Cabernet Sauvignon   94.720 kg
Merlot   82.340 kg
Carignan 559.877 kg
Over-ripenened Grenache Noir.     3.180 kg


  • litres produced
dry white wine
184.201 l
white dessert wine (Moscatell)    7.118 l
dry rosé wine
286.202 l
amber dessert wine (Garnatxa Ambre)    9.009 l
dry red wine
451.601 l
red dessert wine (Mistela)    2.544 l
red dessert wine (Garnatxa Robí)    1.940 l
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