Cooperativa Agrícola Garriguella
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Despite its simple, no-fanfare origins, the Agricultural Cooperative of Garriguella is one of the longest-standing, most traditional viticultural cooperatives within the Designation of Origin Empordà. Founded in 1963 by the vineyard farmers of the village of Garriguella, who staunchly believed that by pooling their resources they would be able to improve the quality and price of their wines, the Cooperative attests to the stubbornness, hard work and sacrifice which went into the making of this winery. This dream come true was further enhanced when the request of many of the region’s vineyard holders to establish the D.O.Empordà -as a way to publicly achieve official recognition for the levels of quality and prestige required to compete in the wine market with wines from other DO areas- finally met with success. In 1975, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the Empordà-Costa Brava Designation of Origin. Since then, the pursuit of yielding higher-quality wines has been an ongoing process in which the Cooperative of Garriguella has pitched itself with enthusiasm. Through our daily work, we have created for ourselves not so much a way to make a living but a means of life that allows us to enjoy one of nature’s most prized fruits, grapes, turning them into a product of exceptional cultural value—wine, our wine, linking us to our land and our ancestors.

At present, the Cooperative is composed of 60 members, and it boasts a total of 224 hectares, one of the largest vineyard extensions of all the Empordà region. In these vineyards, more than 70 % of the vines are over 50 years old, and among the varietals we can find are Grenache Rouge, Grenache Noir, Carignan, Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, as well as white varietals such as Grenache Blanc, Macabeu and Muscat, with an approximate overall production of 1,200,000 kg of grapes, producing about 800,000 liters of wine every year.

 If we go back to the origins of the Cooperative, we can clearly perceive an evolution in its work philosophy, progressing from being a traditional winery where all the wine produced was for bulk sale, to becoming an innovative wine cellar where bulk sale still has its place while bottled wine sales are steadily on the rise, progressively incorporating new technologies. These include adapting existing installations to new needs, monitoring every step of the winemaking process closely, and establishing new systems to sort and select grapes at harvest time so as to reward quality the most. All of these measures have but one goal—to produce a product that we can feel proud to share with all our clients.

Fuelled by the steadfast teamwork of all the Cooperative members and staff, and led on by all their hopes and expectations, we have managed to set up an ambitious project which is meant to promote our identity as a traditional winemaking village. Moreover, it is meant to highlight our region, our landscape, our vineyards and our gastronomy, which in the last years has reached world-wide acclaim, turning this area into one of the most celebrated and representative eno-gastronomic regions of our country.

Amongst the diverse transformations we have brought about in the Cooperative, two worth mentioning are the creation of an underground cellar, equipped with French oak barrels to store and age some of our red wine, mellowed over time, and the construction of a warehouse that incorporates a solar energy unit to produce part of the electricity it needs in a clean, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Our claim that we are a cooperative that combines well-situated vineyards with limited yields and conscientious field management producing the kind of consistently drinkable bottles that reward the discerning consumer falls short of our ultimate objective—that of having our Cooperative become fully identified with the standards of quality and rigor that our D.O. Empordà represents. In the meantime, we are and will continue to be creative, using our joint forces as a Cooperative and our restless spirit to gauge new tendencies in the winemaking business, so that our cultural values can come to the fore and so that the distinctive traits of our terroirs can be truly appreciated.

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